Tuesday, February 15, 2011

-HotRoD HoeDowN-

Some pictures from the HRHD, saw some cool cars, met good people was good times. We ended up being part of the few that camped out in the rain that night. Pat and i got sick of sitting around watching the fire burn and decided to go for a late night ride in the mud around the camp. Some how we got split up and i remember being in third gear laughing across a muddy grass field at 12 am trying to follow his tracks. Made it back safe tied one off and slept in the cab of the 54 with water dripping on my face.  Bright and early the next day went on another ride, up a long rough dirt road and ripped down some streets until we had enough.

There was a sign on the car above telling a story of how the owner had passed before he was able to finish it, wish i could remember his name. His friends and family are taking it on as a project to finish as he would have wanted it. Thats what its all about.

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