Monday, May 23, 2011

RIDE to Skate 5 FDR Park

Almost didn't make it to KFN because of Dans bike and the guitar strings he used to wire it. We start them up, roll down the street, first light we hit i turn around and see he has a look on his face like he made a b m in his pants. Bike stroked out no spark, dim lights, bikes not charging. I was going to just keep rolling when the light turned green because i told him to re-wire it two weeks ago. Instead i called him mean names, and had to ride back to get his truck and get the bike home. Back at the garage ripped the generator apart, more mean name calling and a rubber mounted ground off the regulator was found. Switched it up, polarized the generator and headed back out, made it down no problems. Go to leave the bar later that night start my bike and my lights are blown out, that's what i get for being mean and I'm sorry.

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